Who may be interested in the CYC Compliance products?

You either belong to the group of obligated parties in the sense of the 5th GWG or are otherwise legally obligated to conduct an audit. This includes above all:

  • Notaries, lawyers, real estate and antique dealers as well as tax consultants
  • Banks, financial intermediaries and insurance companies
  • Companies in the manufacturing industry, trade and logistics (import and export)

For whom is the use or connection to the API suitable?

With the help of the API, large data sets can be checked in a short time. Companies that want to use the compliance check as part of an automated workflow, the onboarding of new business partners and customers or continuous monitoring are predestined to use the CYC Restful API.

For whom is the web service suitable?

CYC’s Compliance Check is specifically designed for SMEs who want to check their customer, supplier and personnel data against current sanctions lists, watchlists & blacklists, as well as determine a possible PEP status of individuals.

The web service does not require installation nor are incoming search queries stored. We only document the number of search queries within your agreed quota. The service is available to you around the clock and can even be used from a smartphone while on the road.

Audit-proof documentation
Any hits are logged in an audit-proof manner and can be easily tracked.

Cost efficiencyy
The web service is a suitable tool for companies that only query smaller search quotas and shy away from the expense of a fully integrated automatic solution, or where this is not economically viable.
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