The CYC Due Diligence Check is an online platform that provides cost-effective and flexible access to Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks, including access to Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Sanction lists, as well as Watchlists and Blacklists. The Due Diligence Check has been developed for small and medium-sized enterprises, law firms, and other obligated entities under the Anti-Money Laundering Act, seeking an affordable and pragmatic solution for compliance management.

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Pricing Model – Online Access (Portal)

Individual queries are billed based on a credit system.

  • Initial loading of 100 credits at the beginning
  • One-time setup fee: 59.- EUR
  • Price per credit decreases with the purchase of more credits
  • Additional credits can be purchased at any time (subscription available upon request, contact us)

Required number of credits for search queries:

  • PEP (Politically Exposed Person): 5
  • Sanction lists: 3
  • Watchlists & Blacklists: 2

The following pricing tiers are available.

RESTful API service

Pricing Model – API

The API is typically accessed through a standardized interface from an application and is cost-effective only for a larger number of queries. Each list can be queried separately or in conjunction with others.

Prices for PEP transactions start from 0.3 EUR, Sanction lists from 0.15 EUR, and Watchlists & Blacklists from 0.13 EUR.

Pricing Model – API for Partners

Special conditions are available for partners looking to integrate the CYC API into their services. Interested parties are requested to contact us directly through our contact form.